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Founded in 2000, Zhongshan Aoli Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a privately-owned enterprise. It is located in Zhongshan, a hometown of great people. It is also known as "Chrysanthemum Hometown" and Xiaolan Town located in "China Hardware Industry Base" Supporting and technical resources unique, adjacent to the 105 National Road and Guangzhou-Zhuhai track, convenient transportation; set information management, technology development, design, manufacture and processing in one, with independent intellectual property rights of the information management system (ERP system), is A pragmatic manufacturing enterprise with independent technology and deep processing and has passed the CQC-ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. The main products are: three series of safety wire plugs, wire and cable and precision testing instruments in various countries in the world, totaling more than 100 A
    Wire & Cable and Power Plug have been approved by CCC, UL / CUL, VDE, ASTA, SAA, SII, IMQ, IEC, etc. Safety certification and a number of well-known international and domestic brands (such as Philips, Hitachi, the United States, Herbalife, Oma, nine positive, etc.) to provide high-quality support and services;

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